Reference Her Father

The most important thing that I could say about my father, Erasmo O. Tovar, and the Navy is one word – Proud!!

My father enlisted in the Navy at the age of 21 years old. His passion for what the Navy and the world had to offer was endless. The stories that my father told us was that he enjoyed traveling (Hawaii, Japan, Taiwan & Philippines), cooking in the kitchen and having fun with his buddies. He had a position as -Masters of Arms and Crewman.

I just wished that he could of seen what the world had to offer him of the past and memories of his cruise ship.

We are very proud of you Dad and your accomplishments.

– Elizabeth Lopez

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An Officer and A Gentleman

Anecdotes about C.V. Ricketts who was captain in 1955-1956

As a Lt. on December 7, 1941, he was the assistant gunnery officer on the USS West Virginia. On his own, he went to damage control central and prevented her from capsizing. She had seven torpedoes in her side just like the Oklahoma. Look at pictures of Pearl Harbor, and you see the West Virginia next to the Tennessee and it does not look like she sunk, but she did. I do not believe that any one on the St. Paul knew that Captain Ricketts was the one who had saved the West Virginia. I found out about it after my wife got me a series of Morrison’s naval history series. He would come to the wardroom and apologize to the officer’s of the deck for taking the Conn away from them. No captain needs to apologize to any OOD!

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Fry chicken in Portland, Oregon

Greetings to all “Fighting Saint” shipmates.

I will never forget the time the USS SAINT PAUL went on a goodwill cruise to Portland, Oregon. It was during the famous Rose Festival. It was amazing how the roses would be in full bloom during the winter season. It was more amazing to see and be a part of the navigation done through the Willamette River. I thought it would really be impossible for the USS SAINT PAUL to navigate and much less, sail through a river. However, much to my amazement it did. More amazing was how all the crew was treated once we tied the ship to a tree in Portland. The pier was filled with people of all ages welcoming the ship and its crew to the city of Portland, Oregon. When got off the ship the people, especially the girls, wanted our autograph.

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