The Deck Log and a Bare Bones Narrative on that Fateful Day

Following is the deck log from 4 p.m. (1600 hours) to midnight on the day of the explosion in Turret One. Officers of the Watch note the significant events of the ship’s day. This record demonstrates that in the midst of tragedy, the ship’s routine must continue:

Monday, 21 April 1952

1600-1800 Steaming as before. 1605 clc (change course) to 135° T PCC, 144° PSC, to head the ship downwind. 1606 received report that crew had tumed on sprinkler system in Turret # 1. 1608 clc to 105°T PCC, 114° PSC. 1622 received report that fire in turret # 1 was extinguished. Preliminary report -flashback in upper portion of turret; exact location unknown. Personnel being removed from turret by medical and repair parties. 1627 els to 10 knots, 095 RPM. 1628c/s to 15knots, 141 RPM. 1630 lower handling room and magazine crew of turret #1 accounted for. 1631 completed firing in Kojo area having expended the following ammunition: 19 rounds 8″ H.C. full, 63 rounds 8″ reduced. 1633 c/c to 125° T PCC, 134° PSC. En route to bomb line 1646 secured sprinkler system in turret# 1.

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