The USS SAINT PAUL ASSOCIATION is comprised of former sailors and marines who served aboard the ship during her meritorious service to our country. Our objective is to perpetuate, honor, and preserve the memory of the USS SAINT PAUL (CA-73). The Association holds biennial reunions to enable members to maintain contact with their friends and other shipmates, and to continue the memories and accomplishments of deceased shipmates. Members receive quarterly first-class newsletters (The Roving Saint) filled with many interesting articles and photos, updates on reunions, and current information. Applications are available on this web site. Join the fun in reminiscing about persons, places and events of the ship’s valiant history. Become a member now!

As of May 28, 2021, it is the intention of the USS Saint Paul Association officers and board of directors to hold our 2021 reunion in Kalispell, Montana as scheduled. Main dates are Wednesday, Sept. 8 through Saturday, Sept. 11. We have enclosed a copy of the registration form elsewhere on the site. Many of our members had reached out to us to hold the reunion and we are happy to report that our efforts were successful. Because of national park restrictions, we needed to query our members (we sent out a form letter to all members in April) about attendance for the Glacier National Park tour. We originally set a deadline of May 31, 2021 to sign up for the park tour. At the same time, we asked for registration checks (we would hold until May 31) to give us a reunion head count assuring us that we had enough members present to hold a successful reunion. That has been accomplished. In addition, it appears that the corona virus should be of minimum risk during the reunion. We will still take registrations through August 8 for the reunion itself which includes the hospitality suite and banquets. Tours, however, will be available on a space available basis. Contact me/us if you have questions.

Registration Form

Membership directories are no longer available. However, we will attempt to help with individual requests for member information. We are not equipped to do division rosters at this time. Ship’s Store items must be ordered through our Treasurer, Dennis McFadden at 601-602-4468.

Barry Fitzgerald