While I may not have realized the enormity of the vent at the time, as a young seaman aboard the eavy cruiser USS SAINT PAUL which was moored close to the Battleship MISSOURI in Tokyo Bay. I witnessed the signing of the World War II armistice with General MacArthur.

Let me tell you how my story started in the service about 70 years ago, and re-started in 1996 when Supervisor Linda Puglisi and Councilman Mike Mongero (a fellow WWII veteran) formed the Veterans Council of Courtland (NY), with veterans from Van Cortlandville, Verplanck, Montrose and the surrounding areas. When they asked us to relate our stories of being in the military service that is when I first started to tell of my experiences in WWII.

By: Charles P. Heady Jr. (44-45, 1st, S1/C), a plank owner

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